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Here I'm going to talk about some of the other things I like doing or talking about.

Canvaswork Embroidiary

Jaipur Stripe

When I was thinking of stopping smoking in 1998 my friend Vicky suggested I find something really nice to do to take my mind off wanting to smoke 25 or more cigarettes a day. She suggested canvaswork as it would give me something to do with my hands and you can't smoke and sew at the same time. I'd already tried sewing a cushion about 2 years before and had found it difficult. It was from Ehrman and was Jaipur Stripe by Anabell Nellist.
So another friend, Yvonne, suggested I tried something really easy in a large count canvas and took me off to our local Focus DIY store where we found a very simple kit in a tribal desgin on 4 point canvas and done in cross stitch. This was the ideal way to start as it didn't need a frame. I did then see the osteopath on numerous occasions until my back accepted the awkward angles I was sitting at!!!! From there on I was hooked. I quickly finished that and though it has never been made into a cushion I'm quite proud of it. I restarted Jaipur Stripe and completed it in 6 weeks - sewing at every possible opportunity. My desire for cigarettes was waning!!
Below you can see some more cushions that I have sewn.

Designs by Candace Bahouth from her series of Medieval Tapestries

The Orange Tree

The Unicorn

Illuminated Manuscript

The Monkey

Designs by one of my favourite designers Elizabeth Bradley
This cushions are sewn in Victorian Cross Stitch unlike the others which are all in Continental or Half-Cross Stitch.

A Posy of Violets

The Parrot


Click on the Hydranga to see more detail. The picture will appear in a new window.

Two more designs - the first by Beth Russell, who designs canvases based on tapestries and pictures by William Morris, the second a Royal School of Needlework design from Ehrman


A Wreath of Roses

Below you can see two designs that are currently 'in progress' - one by Candace Bahouth which is a printed canvas from Ehrman 'Shellduck and Teal' on 10 point canvas, the second by Graham Rust which is a charted desgn called 'Begonia' and is on 14 point canvas. The Begonia is on a 'Freedom Frame' from 'Cleopatra's Needle' which is great to work on though heavy.

Shelldocuk and Teal